By wordsthatecho
October 26, 2016

How much is man’s best friend costing you? Have you ever really thought about it? MONEY did. We compiled a list of what our animal friends cost us.

Our readers took our poll and told us that 32% of them spend less than $50 a month on their pets. But 22% admitted to spending more than $120 a month.

Each year, Americans spend $47 on dog toys and just $28 on cat toys. American pet owners spend more money on dog food too. $269 a year to feed Fido, whereas cat owners pay an average $246 a year and bird owners pay an average of $120. But cat owners spend $33 a year on feline vitamins. That’s $33 a year, for every cat they own. It adds up.

And then there’s pet health insurance. New York pet parents pay a monthly $43 in premiums. Kansas, Mississippi, and Nebraska have the cheapest monthly health insurance premiums, coming in at $29 and $30.

Vet visits over the course of a year can add up to $375 for pet owners.

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