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Published: Aug 07, 2023 11 min read

A virtual private network (VPN) provides an encrypted tunnel for your online data, providing a shield for your online activities against prying eyes and programs. In addition, some internet users use a VPN to mask their location in order to access data that could be geo-blocked where they live. (Using a VPN is legal, but skirting such geo-blocking may violate the steaming service’s terms of use.)

Among the available VPN options is Mozilla VPN, from the makers of the widely used Firefox browser. Here’s a review of Mozilla VPN, including a look at its pros and cons, plans and features and the questions most frequently asked about the service.

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Best VPN for Firefox users

Mozilla VPN positions itself as a compelling choice for Firefox’s extensive user base. The company claims a seamless integration between the VPN and the browser provides a smooth, streamlined user experience. These promises make Mozilla VPN a leading candidate as the best VPN for Mozilla Firefox users.

The following pros and cons offer a balanced, comprehensive overview of what you can expect from using Mozilla VPN. While Mozilla VPN brings several compelling benefits to the table, it also has areas that may not match up to some competitor offerings.

  • Operated by the widely recognized Mozilla Corporation
  • Split tunneling and multi-hop connections
  • Slower than many competitor VPNs
  • Smaller server network than many competitors

Pros explained

Operated by the widely recognized Mozilla Corporation

Mozilla VPN’s credentials include the fact that it’s operated by the Mozilla Corporation, a globally recognized name in the internet and software industry. Mozilla is known for its advocacy for an open and accessible internet,

Split tunneling and multi-hop connections

Split tunneling is a feature that allows users to choose which parts of their internet traffic are sent over VPN and which aren't. Not offered by all VPNs, this feature can be useful when a user wants to simultaneously access a public network (without slowing down your connection) and a private network. For example, a user could use a VPN to securely access their work network while using their home network to browse the internet.

The Mozilla VPN also allows a multi-hop connection, also called a double VPN, in which a user’s internet data sequentially passes through two separate VPN servers instead of just one. This offers an added layer of security and privacy. Though a direct VPN line of defense may provide sufficient protection for most users, some individuals who require a higher degree of encryption (such as those in countries with strict internet censorship) will benefit from a double VPN/multi-hop connection.

Cons explained

Slower than some competing VPNs

Some users and independent reviews have flagged the Mozilla VPN as slower than that of many of its peers. The speed of a VPN is critical as it directly impacts the user’s online activities, such as browsing, streaming content, online gaming or downloading files. A slower VPN can result in buffering, lag or extended download times, which can frustrate users.

Smaller server network than many competitors

In terms of the server network, Mozilla VPN operates fewer servers than many of its competitors. The quantity and geographical spread of servers can influence a VPN’s performance, including the speed of its connections. A larger, more dispersed server network usually helps maintain consistent speeds, provides more location options and ensures better server availability.

Mozilla VPN plans

Mozilla VPN offers two subscription plans, providing flexibility to users based on their usage requirements. Both plans feature a 30-day money-back guarantee, a limit of five device connections per login, a kill switch function, which prevents your data from being exposed if your VPN should become disconnected, and unlimited bandwidth.

Monthly plan

A monthly plan, such as the one offered by Mozilla VPN, can be perfect for users who prefer a short-term commitment. There may be a variety of reasons why a user might choose this: they might only require a VPN for a brief period, they may still be exploring the best VPN service that suits their needs or they may have financial constraints that make a longer-term commitment less appealing. The disadvantage to monthly service is its higher cost per month.

Annual plan

Mozilla VPN's annual subscription plan is an attractive choice for individuals who regularly use a VPN in their daily internet activities — for example, to access geo-restricted content or work from public Wi-Fi networks — and for anyone with high regard for their online privacy and security.

As with many of the best VPN services, the main advantage of choosing an annual subscription over a monthly one is the significant cost savings. Mozilla VPN accounts, when paid annually, are 50% of the price of their monthly accounts.

Mozilla VPN Pricing

Mozilla VPN is available monthly for $9.99 and annually for $4.99/month, which is billed as a once-per-year charge of $59.88. Both plans may be subject to tax. No free trial is offered. Also, as noted, the money-back guarantee is offered only within 30 days of purchasing the annual subscription, after which refunds may not be available.

Mozilla VPN financial stability

The Mozilla organization has existed since 1998, when it was founded as an offshoot of the development project that would become the now-defunct Netscape browser. The organization’s age proves that it can weather significant changes in market conditions. Lending further credence to its strong financial foundation is its backing by the Mozilla Corporation, a for-profit offshoot of the larger organization.

In Mozilla’s recently published “State of Mozilla” annual report, the Mozilla VPN backer reported earnings of $585 million in 2021. Its income, derived from sources such as search partnerships, subscriptions and ad revenue, showed a significant 25% increase compared with the prior year. There is little reason to believe that the organization or its VPN will cease to exist in the foreseeable future.

Mozilla VPN accessibility

Compared to some other competitors, Mozilla VPN could improve access to its offerings, including upgrading its support and download pages. Though the nonprofit organization has lofty goals, including “open and accessible” access to the “global public resource” that is the internet, its website is confusing and somewhat difficult to navigate.

Though it does use bold colors with good contrast (with some notable exceptions being light text over brightly colored images) and supports keyboard navigation, the information available is presented somewhat poorly. Furthermore, very few links for questions about Mozilla VPN pricing and support have a dedicated subdomain. Rather, the links instead default back to the base website. This can be confusing for some users and may make finding the same information twice a bit of a challenge.


Mozilla VPN maintains over 500 servers in 30 different countries. While this isn’t nearly the global reach other, more expensive VPN services provide, it should suffice for most customers under most conditions. Like other VPN providers, Mozilla VPN places no restrictions or limitations on the user’s country of origin, so anyone with internet access should be able to use Mozilla VPN.

Contact information

Mozilla VPN also falls a bit short of competitor offerings here, with a support page that’s not readily accessible through their main website. When users manage to find it, they’ll be faced with a collection of FAQs, knowledge base articles and a button for further support options. This takes them to a second page, much like the first, complete with a button labeled “contact support.” Users who wish to access this fourth support page will be required to log in with an existing Firefox account, which isn’t the most accessible support option among the many VPN providers on the market.

User experience

Difficulties with the website aside, most users can expect a relatively easy time setting up and using the Mozilla VPN, as its interface is straightforward enough, even for beginners who may be deciding whether they need a VPN. More advanced settings and configuration options are likely to confound novices, and Mozilla VPN's server list is hosted on a different domain, which can cause some confusion.

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Mozilla VPN customer satisfaction

Reviews for Mozilla VPN are difficult to find online, as they’re likely obscured behind reviews or consumer commentary on its parent organization. Reviews for Mozilla VPN on platforms such as the Apple App Store and Google Play present a mix of both commendation and critiques from its users. Many users applaud Mozilla’s efficient security features and privacy options.

Conversely, there have been reports of sporadic disconnections from the VPN, which have raised some concerns among users. Some also described having intermittent difficulties when trying to access content that has been geographically restricted in the United States, and many users lament the lack of Mozilla VPN browser extensions, which are strangely omitted from their offering.

Mozilla VPN FAQ

What is Mozilla VPN?


Mozilla VPN is a service provided by Mozilla, the organization responsible for the popular Firefox browser. Mozilla VPN serves as a protection mechanism for your internet connection, effectively encrypting your data and masking your online activities from unwanted third-party intrusions from hackers, ISPs and even governments.

Mozilla VPN offers a secure tunnel through which your internet connection flows, safely obscured from prying eyes. This adds an extra layer of privacy to your online activities, making it a valuable tool for those who are conscious about their digital privacy and security, especially when connected to public networks, which are often unsecured.

How does Mozilla VPN work?

Mozilla VPN secures your internet connection, encrypting your network traffic and obscuring your IP address. Your data is thus more inaccessible to potential online threats, including hackers and invasive trackers, providing you with a secure web-surfing experience. This protects your online privacy and stops potential snoopers from exploiting your personal information or monitoring your online activities.

Is Mozilla VPN good?

Though it has some downsides, notably slower speeds than competitors and support options that are difficult to navigate, Mozilla VPN is an affordable, reliable, reasonably simple and easy-to-use service that presents a good value for its cost.

Is Mozilla VPN free?

No, Mozilla VPN is a paid service with no free version or trial. Accounts must be paid monthly or via an annual subscription.

How much is Mozilla VPN?

Mozilla VPN subscriptions range in price from $4.99 to $9.99 per month, not including tax.

How we evaluated Mozilla VPN

In this review, we evaluated Mozilla VPN based on various parameters, including:

  • Security, determined primarily by the encryption algorithms available
  • Privacy, including zero log policies and other considerations that may affect users of the service
  • Speed, measured against known benchmark VPN competitors as well as “vanilla” connections directly through an ISP
  • Pricing, determined by examining its current market offerings against other commercially available VPN services
  • Customer support, including how easy it may be to contact support for things like technical questions or canceling a Mozilla VPN account
  • Overall user experience, chiefly drawn from comments left on app stores and special interest websites

Summary of Money’s Mozilla VPN Review

Mozilla VPN is a reasonably dependable option among VPN providers, particularly for those who already use Firefox. Its user-friendly interface and potent security protocols lend considerable weight to its appeal. Its pricing makes it more affordable than many competitors, and its service quality is acceptable, though not stellar.

On the downside, it falls short on speed, lacks some advanced features and has a more limited selection of server locations (in the hundreds) than some competitors.

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