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Tesla Motors Inc. Model X SUV Reveal
This is all most cars would see of the Tesla Model X.
David Paul Morris—Bloomberg/Getty Images

People are finally starting to understanding that electric cars are ridiculously good at accelerating—better than their gasoline counterparts. Article after article has trumpeted the incredible 0-60mph tests that have gotten down to 3.2-seconds. But it can be hard to get a true sense of just how fast the vehicles are.

Illustrating this better than anyone has before, Motor Trend released a new video with a few demonstrations.

First, it demolishes the fastest SUV, the Bentley Bentayga, in the 0-60 mph (3.2 seconds to 3.5) and in the quarter mile, despite the Tesla having a top speed that's 32 mph slower than the Bentayga's 187 mph.

After destroying the Bentayga in the sprints, Motor Trend dreamt up an even crazier demo: pitting the Tesla against an Italian carbon supercar, the Alfa 4C Spyder. At 4.2 seconds in the 0-60 mph, this "would embarrass a Lamborghini Diablo," Motor Trend's senior features editor Jason Cammisa noted, which has a slower 0-60 benchmark.

They did however have a twist—the Tesla would be towing another Alfa 4C Spyder.

Motor Trend

Even with 4,000 pounds strapped on, the Tesla embarrasses the Alfa. It's not even close. So there you have it. The Tesla, in full tow mode, can destroy a car that's faster than a Lamborghini in a 0-6o test.