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Two businesswomen leaning on table discussing architectural plans in office
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For this three-part video series, we asked recent college grads working at Money and Time Inc. for their best advice to the Class of 2016. Here's what they told us they've learned about handling money (now that they finally have some).

Stretching those early paychecks as far as they can go (and sometimes beyond) is a common theme among our recent grads. Among their favorite tricks:

Pay yourself first. That is, have some money automatically taken out of your paycheck and put into savings before you ever see it.

Avoid late fees. Pay your credit card bill the day you get it, and before you can forget it, one staffer suggests.

Plan ahead for big bills. For example, put some money from every paycheck aside for your rent.

Look for untapped assets. Have extra room (or at least a sofa)? Consider renting it for some extra cash to supplement your salary.

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