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Woman using her mobile phone in a coffee shop.
Oli Kellett—Getty Images

On average, each American drinks 3.1 cups of coffee a day, adding up to $40 billion spent annually on coffee in the U.S. alone.

But no two coffee habits are exactly alike. So to mark National Coffee Day, payment processing company Square has released a report that shows what your go-to caffeine kick will cost you across various regions of the U.S.

Some highlights:

Mocha lovers are almost guaranteed to break the bank, especially in New England and the South, where the average mocha goes for $4.14. Mocha drinkers in the Mid-Atlantic, on the other hand, make out like bandits, paying about a dollar less, on average.

Latte prices are pretty standard across the map, and so are brewed coffee prices—except on the Pacific Coast, where a cup of Joe will run you almost 70¢ more than in New England.

And if you're trying to save a bit of cash, opt for a daily Americano (a shot of espresso topped off with hot water) instead of drip coffee. At an average of $2.62 per cup, there are a number of regions where an Americano is actually cheaper than tea.

The Square infographic presents a number of other Coffee Day-appropriate findings as well: the most popular coffee/caffeine drinks by share of sales, the best states to make bank in tips as a barista (we're looking at you, North Dakota), and what happens to caffeine sales on the weekend.

Check it out over your second or third cup.

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