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Published: Dec 30, 2022 13 min read
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Consumer services jobs span a large number of industries and have a wide range of salaries, with top earners making $50,000 a year in the U.S., according to data by ZipRecruiter. Positions in the consumer finance industry are constantly evolving, with many roles transitioning into virtual or remote jobs in recent years. In this guide, we've identified the eight top-paying jobs in consumer services to help you make well-informed choices about your career.

Our Top 8 Picks for the Best Jobs in Consumer Services

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Retail customer support

In a retail customer support position, you directly help consumers as they shop for products. This job is often done in person in a brick-and-mortar store. You might work at a customer service desk where you answer questions, help customers locate items, and perform product returns and exchanges. Other customer support staff may work in other parts of the store, assisting customers as they browse products. Some jobs in this field can also be done remotely by phone or live chat as you help customers with their online purchases.

Most retail customer support positions don't require a college degree, and you’ll receive any training you need directly on the job. The positions may be entry-level, or you may need to work your way up from a lower-level position. Some might require previous customer service experience. The average annual wage for this position in the U.S. is $30,060.

Medical receptionist

Medical receptionists performs a wide range of duties, including scheduling patient appointments, answering phones and making outbound calls, welcoming patients and assisting them with paperwork, processing billing and payments, general clerical duties and more. This is most often done in person in a healthcare setting, although there are some virtual medical receptionist positions that can be performed remotely. Virtual receptionists have many of the same duties as in-person positions, including answering phones and scheduling appointments.

For most medical receptionist jobs, you need a high school diploma or GED and can receive the necessary training on the job. Some certificate programs, such as those for medical office technology or medical reception, can help you become more qualified — and therefore have an easier time securing a job or demanding a higher wage. The average annual salary for a medical receptionist working in a physician's office in the U.S. is $33,670.

Bank teller

Bank tellers assist clients in making financial transactions, such as withdrawals, deposits, transfers, exchanging currencies, and ordering checks. They answer client questions and electronically record all transactions. Most tellers physically work in financial institutions, although there is an increasing demand for virtual bank tellers. Virtual tellers most often assist clients remotely through interactive teller machines (ITMs) using video technology.

Most bank teller positions are entry-level and require a high school diploma or GED. Companies provide on-the-job training as needed. Employers will usually require that you pass a background check since you will be dealing with large sums of money. The average annual salary for bank tellers in the U.S. is $34,930.

Client services coordinator

A client services coordinator manages the communication between an organization and its clients. They may have a wide variety of duties, including answering client calls and responding to emails, scheduling meetings and teleconferences, maintaining client account records, escalating client complaints and developing marketing materials. Some coordinators work in person, and others work remotely.

You’ll need a high school diploma or GED, and many employers prefer that candidates have a bachelor's degree. Computer skills are also necessary, and previous administrative experience is also helpful. According to the Office and Administrative Support Occupations, the average annual salary for this position in the U.S. is $43,430.

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Technical support representative

As a technical support representative, you assist clients with their computer and technology issues via phone, live chat or email. You may work with clients to troubleshoot problems with computer hardware or software, connectivity issues, printing or other technical issues, depending on the company you work for.

To work as a technical support representative, you’ll need to be proficient with computers. Many jobs require a college degree in Computer Science or a related field or that you have previous technical experience. The average annual salary for this job in the U.S. is $57,650.

Flight attendant

Flight attendants work for airlines and spend most of their time in flight. They greet airplane passengers, perform safety checks, serve refreshments, and provide assistance to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable while traveling. Flight attendants must have strong customer service skills and be able to stay calm in an emergency situation. They should be able to work unusual hours outside a "normal" work week.

To become a flight attendant, you’ll need a high school diploma or GED and undergo an intensive training period through your employer. The training usually takes place over several weeks. Most employers will require you to be CPR certified and to undergo a background check and drug screening, and there may be height requirements. The average annual salary for flight attendants in the U.S. is $62,280.


A concierge often works in a hotel or other hospitality facility, although some may work in private, residential settings. A concierge is responsible for providing impeccable customer service to guests or residents and helping to coordinate their activities. Some typical duties include managing guests' luggage, arranging transportation and scheduling tours, providing information about local attractions, making reservations and handling requests and complaints.

Depending on employer requirements, you may need a high school diploma, GED or a degree in Hospitality. A college degree may help you secure a higher-paying job in the field or advance your career more quickly. The average annual salary for a concierge in the U.S. is $37,520.

Customer service representative

Customer service representatives assist clients with their product or service needs, often over the phone, email or live chat. Depending on the company you work for, you may help customers troubleshoot issues, assist them in opening accounts, recommend products or services or help to resolve customer complaints. There are many in-person jobs available, although there is a growing demand for remote employees.

A customer service representative job is usually an entry-level position and doesn't require a college degree or previous experience. You train on the job, but will need strong communication and interpersonal skills and some basic computer skills for some positions. The average annual salary in the U.S. is $39,070.

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Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services Guide

In this guide, you’ll learn the answers to many questions about consumer services jobs, including the definition, requirements for consumer service positions and how to find the highest-paying jobs in the field.

What is consumer service?

Consumer support services are the interactions between a company and its clients. Jobs in this field typically involve assisting clients in person or via phone, email or live chat. In some jobs, you may have one main duty, such as helping clients open an account over the phone, or your job may involve a wide variety of tasks, as needed by the organization.

Types of consumer services jobs

There are many types of consumer services jobs available in almost every industry. The most common types are retail, hospitality and finance consumer services. Jobs — available as full-time, part-time or even temporary or contract positions — may be performed in person or remotely. Since consumer service jobs span a huge number of industries and organizations, the types of available jobs are almost unlimited.

Requirements for a consumer services job

The formal requirements for consumer services jobs vary by type and employer. Many are entry-level positions that require only a high school diploma or GED but some will prefer that you have an associate's or bachelor's degree or a specific amount of previous experience. The majority of employers will provide any necessary training on the job.

By definition, consumer services jobs are forward-facing positions that require a high degree of interactions between companies and clients, meaning soft skills are common to all positions. One of these is good communication skills, although how you communicate with clients will vary by job. A position may require strong verbal communication skills, strong written communication skills, or both.

You’ll also need good interpersonal skills, as you will be assisting customers or clients most of your workday. In some jobs, you may be handling customer complaints, and your employer will expect you to turn a customer's negative experience with the company into a positive one.

You may act as a liaison between clients and managers or be responsible for escalating issues to appropriate teams within the company. You’ll need conflict resolution skills, and the ability to stay calm when clients are upset, keeping a positive attitude through difficult interactions and working well with many different groups of people.

How to find the highest-paying jobs in consumer services

Do consumer services jobs pay well? Many do, but you will need to know how to find these well-paying jobs. A good place to start is with job search sites such as ZipRecruiter. You can find out what jobs are available near you using keywords like 'customer support jobs' and 'consumer services'. You can also search for the top companies for remote consumer service jobs if you prefer to work from home.

Some job site postings include a salary range which is an easy way to find out how much a job pays. If there isn’t any wage information in the job description, you can check the company's website or look on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website to find the average salary for the position.

To secure one of the highest-paying jobs in consumer services, there are a few steps you will need to take.

  • Make sure to polish your resume and check that it is up-to-date.
  • Be sure to write a cover letter for a job you apply to as many hiring managers won't even look at applications that don't have a cover letter.
  • Fill out the application fully and honestly, including the reasons for leaving a job if asked.
  • If the employer schedules you for an interview, look at sample questions for job seekers online and practice answering them ahead of time.

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services FAQ

What companies are in the consumer services industry?

Any company that provides consumer goods or services is in the consumer services industry. Consumer financial services companies include banks, fintech businesses, consumer credit counseling services investment firms, insurance companies, credit card companies and accounting services. Other consumer services companies can be found in the healthcare, retail, legal, personal wellness, hospitality and information technology sectors.

How many jobs are available in the consumer services industry?

Because consumer services jobs are needed across most industries, there are a huge number of jobs available. In 2020, there were about 2.9 million customer service representative jobs, over 1 million receptionist jobs and about 4.1 million retail sales jobs available in the U.S., according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And those are only a few of the jobs that fall within the consumer services industry.

Is consumer services a good career path?


Consumer services is a good career path for many people. It's relatively easy to get started, as most jobs don't require advanced degrees, formal training, or extensive experience. You can find a consumer services position in a field that interests you, and begin with an entry-level job while working your way up in the industry.

Many consumer services jobs provide on-the-job training; some offer the opportunity to complete certificate programs or provide tuition reimbursement if you want to further your education and advance your career path.

Consumer services jobs are likely to be in high demand for the foreseeable future, as people will continue to purchase goods and services, and many jobs are evolving with technological advancements.

How We Chose the Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

We selected the best-paying jobs in consumer services by looking at the average and median salary information provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, from where we got specific salary ranges as well. We also considered the level of training required and the flexibility of the hours.

Summary of Money's Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services