Concordia College calls its global liberal arts focus BREW — Becoming Responsibly Engaged in the World. The concept encourages students to develop global competence, make interdisciplinary connections and participate in service activities. Though it only has about 2,000 students, the school offers 120 areas of study, which includes majors, minors, certificates and various pre-professional programs.

Founded as a Lutheran institution in 1891, Concordia considers religious literacy to be essential to global learning, priding itself on “creating a social and academic environment where open discussions of spirituality, faith, and interfaith are woven into the fabric of college life.” That said, the student population is only 47% Lutheran, and Concordia emphasizes that people from all religions (or no religion) are welcome.

The college has a strong music program — Concordia is known for its annual Christmas concerts — and students can join one of 19 ensembles. There are abundant study abroad options, summer field studies, research trips focusing on social justice and seminars that combine travel with on-campus coursework.

Concordia is located in Moorhead, which is also home to a Minnesota State University campus, and is directly across the Red River from Fargo, North Dakota.