Stony Brook University is part of the sprawling State University of New York (SUNY, pronounced "soo-nee") system. Founded in 1957, its campus is situated on more than 1,000 acres on the North Shore of Long Island. It also has a satellite campus in Manhattan, about 60 miles to the west.

Stony Brook has roughly 26,600 students, of which about 18,000 are undergraduates. It has a substantial commuter population, although some 10,000 students live on campus.

On the academic front, students can take their pick of over 200 academic programs. The most popular majors include psychology, biology, health sciences and business. Students tend to be successful: Stony Brook's graduation rate is 75%, and alumni earn an average salary of $70,700 in their early career.

Stony Brook's mascot is the seawolf. The mythical creature is not only purported to bring good luck but also stars in a famous cheer. When someone asks, "What's a Seawolf?" students yell their response: "I'm a Seawolf!" Try it at your next SBU game.