Students who live in the New York area and are interested in the maritime industry will have a tough time finding a better deal than the State University of New York's Maritime College in the Bronx. One of just seven degree-granting maritime institutions in the U.S., SUNY Maritime is relatively cheap for New York residents. The school also offers a discount to its out-of-state rate for students who live "in region," which includes most states on the Atlantic seaboard.

Maritime schools tend to be very career- focused, preparing students for jobs related to merchant marine operations (think: mechanical engineering, marine sciences, and international trade and shipping). That preparation pays off. Virtually all SUNY Maritime grads are able to find work quickly, and at roughly $87,500, their typical early-career salaries are well above average, according to Money's data.

SUNY Maritime is a bit more relaxed in tone than some other maritime colleges, perhaps because its 1,500 or so students have the option to pursue a "civilian" track that doesn't require them to wear a uniform or adhere to military-style rules. (In practice, however, most undergrads opt to join the Regiment of Cadets and earn a Coast Guard license.) The school also features a close-knit community, with most students living on-campus. It is located — surprise!— on the waterfront, about a 30-minute trip from Manhattan.