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Published: Sep 06, 2023 11 min read

Trying to fix bad credit with the help of a professional credit repair company can put you in a tricky situation. While you might need to fix your credit score to move forward financially, enlisting the help of credit repair services can be costly. However, Pyramid Credit Repair offers an affordable alternative.

In this detailed guide, we provide information about the company's various plans and why its services might be right for you if you’re in need of credit repair.

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90-day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, with an A rating
  • Transparent pricing policies
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Three tiers give you options on claims disputed and cost
  • Credit tracker alerts you of any change to your credit report

Offers a single, low-cost credit repair package

  • Services starting at $79 per month*
  • Pause and resume your credit repair membership at any time
  • 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee
  • Reduced rates for couples looking to better their credit
  • A+ rating on Better Business Bureau
  • Educational content offers debt management tips

Plans start at $79 per month (cancel anytime)

  • $99 per month (cancel anytime) 
  • Accelerated dispute process, verifications, and challenges 
  • High credit report and score improvement rate 
  • All three scores updated continuously 
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee 

Helps remove inaccurate remarks from report

  • Service starts at $99 per month
  • Real Attorneys Local to Your State
  • Paralegals assigned to your case
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Free consultation

Credit monitoring included

  • Even the most basic packages include financial management tools
  • Credit monitoring is included with every plan, regardless of the price
  • Setup or First Work Fee: $119 - $149
  • Monthly Fees: $69 - $149
  • 90-day Money-Back Guarantee


Best for affordable credit repair plan options

If you're looking for the best credit repair company but need to stay within a budget, Pyramid Credit Repair could be the right choice for you. The company offers basic credit repair services at a lower price than many of its competitors. Pyramid Credit Repair may not be the cheapest credit repair service on the market, but of those we reviewed, it offers the most services to go along with its reasonable base price. Its most basic package might be ideal for those who want to improve their credit score on a budget.

Pyramid Credit Repair pros and cons

  • Free credit score evaluation
  • Multiple plans available
  • Free trial available
  • No discounts for couples
  • No money-back guarantee

Pros explained

Free credit score evaluation

Pyramid Credit Repair offers a free consultation. The credit repair company provides prospective customers with a free 15-minute credit assessment, and you can book a phone consultation for a time of your choosing. In some instances, credit repair companies only offer free credit consultations if you provide a slew of information, such as your address, social security number and date of birth. Pyramid Credit Repair only asks that you provide your name, phone number and ZIP Code, but no sensitive data.

Multiple plans available

While some companies in the credit repair industry only offer one standardized plan, Pyramid Credit Repair offers three options: the Bronze Plan, Gold Plan and Platinum Plan. If your credit history isn't too complicated and you only need minor help to repair your bad credit, the Bronze Plan might be the most cost-effective way to improve your credit. The more expensive Gold Plan and Platinum Plan would be suitable for those with more complex credit histories. Additionally, for transparency, Pyramid Credit Repair lists the prices of each plan on its website, including fees.

Free trial available

In addition to the free consultation, Pyramid Credit Repair offers a seven-day free trial for all three of its plans. It's unlikely that you'll make any significant improvements to your credit in such a short amount of time since the company specifies that the process can take weeks or months. However, this trial period will allow you to get a sense of the services available to you and help you make an educated decision about whether it's a fit for your credit repair needs.

Cons explained

No discounts for couples

In the past, Pyramid Credit Repair offered a discount for couples who enrolled in a program together, but now the company only works with individuals. A representative for Pyramid Credit Repair cited changes in federal privacy laws related to the credit repair industry as the reason why the company no longer offers the discount. While this may be a legitimate reason for the change, other companies offering similar credit repair services still offer a discount for couples who enroll together.

No money-back guarantee

Some Pyramid Credit Repair reviews praise the company for its 90-day money-back guarantee. However, in our phone call to the company's customer service department, we were told the guarantee was eliminated, but that the company was still committed to customer service and wouldn't simply dismiss a customer who was unhappy with its services. While that's reassuring, it doesn't replace the company's former guarantee that customers could get a refund if they didn't feel Pyramid Credit Repair effectively improved their bad credit score.

Pyramid Credit Repair plans

Pyramid Credit Repair offers three different credit repair plans, each of which can potentially fit customers’ situations and needs.

Bronze Plan

Advertised as being suitable for those who are "new to credit repair," the Bronze Plan is the company's lowest-cost option. With this plan, you'll be entitled to three credit disputes, access to an online portal where you can track your credit repair process, monthly reports and an overall score analysis. The plan costs $89 per month, with a one-time setup fee of $89.

Gold Plan

Pyramid Credit Repair's most popular plan includes all of the features of the Bronze Plan but with some added benefits. The Gold Plan offers creditor negotiations, dispute inquiries and debt validation. The latter entails formally reaching out to your creditors to authenticate your debt with them, which entails asking those creditors to provide documentation proving you actually owe them the money they claim. This plan also allows you to track your credit score, which can help you stay on the right track in your effort to rebuild and maintain good credit. The Gold Plan is $129 a month, with a one-time setup fee of $129.

Platinum Plan

At $179 a month, Pyramid Credit Repair’s Platinum Plan is hardly a cheap option. However, the company claims that this plan is the "ultimate credit repair solution." In addition to the features included in the Gold Plan, you'll receive a personalized plan of action and access to 24/7/365 assistance. You'll also be provided with a debt management plan, which will allow you to stay on track with your financial goals as you work to rebuild your credit. In addition to your monthly payments, you'll have to pay a one-time setup fee of $179.

Pyramid Credit Repair pricing

The option to choose between three different plans ranging from $89 to $179 per month with a one-time setup fee ranging from $89 to $179 means you should be able to find an option that works for your budget. The pricing offered by Pyramid Credit Repair is fairly typical of what's offered in the credit repair industry. The company also offers a seven-day free trial, which allows you to get a sense of the available services before making your first payment. While credit repair is certainly an investment, it could be worthwhile if you feel overwhelmed by your current credit situation.

Pyramid Credit Repair financial stability

Established in 2011, Pyramid Credit Repair has an established track record in the credit repair solutions industry. The company has its roots in providing credit repair software to customers, enabling them to handle the process on their own. The company pivoted to a full-service credit repair company shortly thereafter. Because Pyramid Credit Repair is a private company, information about its financial standing isn’t available online, and beyond its history dating to 2011, no conclusions can be drawn about the wellbeing of its business.

Pyramid Credit Repair accessibility

The following section discusses how to connect with Pyramid Credit Repair, including its availability, contact information and user experience.


Pyramid Credit Repair is available to residents of 44 states. Residents of the following states cannot sign up for the company's plans:

  • Georgia
  • Oregon
  • Colorado
  • Utah
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina

Contact information

Pyramid Credit Repair’s phone number is 1-855-984-1867. If you're interested in the free 15-minute free consultation, you can fill out a brief form on the company's website to schedule a call. There’s also an online chat option and a customer inquiry form.

User experience

The Pyramid Credit Repair website is intuitive and easily navigable. Beyond the option to receive a free consultation, there’s a wealth of information available to prospective customers. From the company’s website, you can also access the Ultimate Credit Repair Guide, which details what to expect when signing up for its credit repair services. The guide includes valuable information, such as understanding your credit report, the factors that hurt your credit score and how a credit repair service can work with the major credit bureaus to help you get your finances back on track.

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Pyramid Credit Repair customer satisfaction

Pyramid Credit Repair isn’t accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and doesn't have any customer reviews on the BBB website. However, the company currently holds an A+ rating on the platform and the BBB only shows one complaint in the last three years, which was resolved.

Customers on other review websites paint the company with a mostly positive picture, with one site giving Pyramid Credit Repair a rating of 4.4 stars out of a possible 5 based on 88 reviews. Numerous customers expressed appreciation for the honesty of the company's service representatives, saying they didn't feel like anything unscrupulous was being pushed on them nor were they falling prey to the dreaded "hard sell."

Pyramid Credit Repair FAQs

How long does it take to repair credit after late payments?

While every customer's situation is different, Pyramid Credit Repair states that it can take weeks or even months to see a meaningful change on your credit report. The process entails corresponding with the credit reporting agencies and disputing any discrepancies or inconsistencies. While this can be a very effective way to improve your credit score, the process can be time-consuming.

Can credit repair companies really fix your credit?

This is largely dependent upon what you mean by "fixing" your credit. A reputable credit repair company can take actionable steps to remove errors from your credit report and dispute any items that appear questionable. However, improving your credit also involves taking steps to use credit wisely and ensuring that you don't borrow more than you can repay. Credit monitoring can be useful to this end, as you're able to track how your score improves each month.

Is Pyramid Credit Repair legit?

With several positive customer reviews and a longstanding presence in the credit repair industry, Pyramid Credit Repair is a legitimate company that's helped many people improve their credit scores.

Is Pyramid Credit Repair the best credit repair company?

It's difficult to declare any company the best in class, as each has its pros and cons. However, Pyramid Credit Repair's Bronze Plan does stand out as one of the more affordable credit repair options available, especially when considering the offerings it includes.

How we evaluated Pyramid Credit Repair

We analyzed the following factors in evaluating Pyramid Credit Repair:

  • Pros and cons: We looked at what worked in the company's favor and didn't quite measure up to the competition.
  • Products offered: We reviewed the different plans offered by Pyramid Credit Repair, including their prices and what each plan entails.
  • Accessibility: We researched to whom these services were available and what the average customer could expect in their user experience.
  • Customer satisfaction: We read user reviews to gain a sense of how the company's customers felt about their Pyramid Credit Repair experience.

Summary of Money's Pyramid Credit Repair review

Pyramid Credit Repair’s Bronze Plan stands out as one of the more affordable options available to those looking for credit repair services. The company also offers a free consultation and free seven-day trial of any of its three plans, which allows customers to familiarize themselves with the services before making a financial commitment. Pyramid Credit Repair no longer offers a money-back guarantee, which can provide peace of mind when signing up for a credit repair service, nor does it offer a discount for couples, which can help families struggling financially to get back on track with their credit scores. Despite those two drawbacks, Pyramid Credit Repair offers an affordable option for those trying to repair their credit.

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