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If you work from home or don't have plans to leave the house on the weekend, it is your right to lounge around in pajamas all day. In 2020, with stay-at-home guidelines in effect for months across the country, you can feel particularly guilt-free about wearing pajamas day and night, if that's what you want to do.

But if you're wearing pajamas that often, it'd be nice to have the most comfortable PJs possible. If your current pajamas aren't as comfy as they used to be (wear and tear and time come for us all, eventually), here are some suggestions for upgrades, courtesy of luxury bloggers and fashion experts.

A comfortable, high-quality set of pajamas can make a great gift for birthdays or Mother's Day in any year, and in 2020 they'll be an extra perfect present because we're all spending so much more time at home. (You might want to also check out our other Mother's Day gift ideas, and our guide to the best flower delivery services.)

Best Pajamas: Updated September 2020

Barefoot Dreams Luxe Milk Jersey Namaste Lounge Set: From $145

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Jaime Huffman, a travel and lifestyle blogger in Charleston, South Carolina, who runs the website Charleston Blonde, admits that the Barefoot Dreams Luxe Milk lounge set pajamas are pretty expensive. "But the value I get from it is incomparable," says Huffman.

"My favorite pajamas of all time are a bit of a splurge, but completely worth it for an investment piece," she says. "Every time I slip on the long-sleeved shirt and pants, I feel instantly transported to a world of relaxation and luxury. Since I work from home, and often work late into the night, I take my pajama ritual seriously, and these pajamas make all the difference. The v-neck and elastic cuffs on both the pants and shirt sleeves give the set a more elevated look that's worthy of more than just sleeping."

Kari Traa Rose Long Sleeve: From $39.98

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Perhaps you've heard of the Hygge lifestyle. Perhaps you're living it right now. If you're not familiar, it's a Danish and Norwegian word for, basically, getting as cozy as possible. With that in mind, maybe try a base layer that can serve as pajamas, from a land dedicated to getting comfort right?

Carla Snuggs is the Los Angeles-based Founder of Posh Beauty Blog, and she likes to get Hygge with it. "I really adore Kari Traa from Aktiv Style. It's a Norwegian brand known for its merino base layers. Super cozy and high-quality for long-term home wear," she says. "To use a Scandinavian Expression, the PJs are part of my Hygge lifestyle."

The Layla Pajama Sleep Set: $129

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Jenn Falik, a Westport, Connecticut, style and beauty expert and founder of The Ultimate Edit, a go-to resource for the latest tips and fashion trends, calls the “Crane & Canopy’s Layla Pajama Sleep Set classic and comfy – the perfect weekend uniform of the moment." They also look beautiful in social media posts, if that matters to you.

They're "much more 'Insta' friendly than my raggedy old Penn t-shirt and sweats, too! I love the piping and the feminine spin on menswear-inspired style, plus the machine-washing material is super soft," Falik says. "Complete with a classic contrast piping design, a chic collar, and a cozy and stretchy feel, the luxe loungewear set is made from 95% rayon and 5% spandex and available in three classic colors and 100+ monogram options to choose from.”

Moonlight Pajamas Nordstrom Lingerie: $65

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Comfort is key with pajamas, but flexibility is also important. Erin Busbee is the Texas-via New York founder of Busbee Style, which she describes as "an online business providing fashion and beauty tips to busy women juggling life over 40." She loves Nordstrom's Moonlight line because "you can't go wrong with the Nordstrom brand in terms of quality. Their pajamas are so soft, lightweight and comfortable," she notes. "They also feel silky on your skin. These pajamas come in a variety of colors and you can opt for either shorts, pants or a nightshirt option."

Oysho Woodland Nightdress: $59.90

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Joe Flanagan is the U.K.-based founder of 90sFashion World, which he calls "a blog about fashion, entertainment and culture of the last great decade." He loves Madewell pajamas (see below), but wants to be very clear that "my favorite brand has to be Oysho," he says. "The prints are fabulous, the quality for the price is unbeatable and overall it makes me want to share it with the world to promote stylish sleeping in styles like this one.”

Dagsmejan’s Recovery Collection Sleep T-Shirt ($99) and Sleep Shorts ($99)

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Beatrice Lessi knows all about sore muscles. She is an Italian ultra-runner with 20 marathons and ultra-marathons under her belt, and the founder of the lifestyle blog Ask the Monsters, and she swears that a good pear of pajamas can help you recover after intense workouts.

"I am a dedicated Dagsmejan sleeper. As an athlete, the Recovery Collection is a game changer because it can actually aid in muscle recovery and help you sleep better," she says. "Sleep is the most underestimated trick for amateur athletes, and the most effective strategy to get good results after a good preparation."

Best Pajamas: Value Choice

Stars Above Floral Print Soft Nightgown: $19.99 at Target (no longer available)

Courtesy of Target

There are plenty of boutique pajama brands out there, but there's nothing wrong with saving some cash and relying on the familiar. Jaime Huffman, a travel and lifestyle blogger in Charleston, South Carolina, who runs the website Charleston Blonde, loves Target's Stars Above pajama lines, particularly the Floral Print Sleeveless Beautifully Soft Nightgown.

"They feel so luxurious and soft while coming in at a wallet-pleasing price point," she says. "The Modal and spandex blend makes for a super soft fabric that feels like it came out of a luxury boutique."

Madewell Bedtime Pajama Top in Rainbow Stripe: $24.99

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While Joe Flanagan is all about the style dating from the Nirvana and Clinton era, he also lives in the here and now, and like any good blogger, he dresses to chill.

"Madewell is a brand that I usually recommend because the cut is impeccable and the designs are super cute," he says, adding that "this rainbow stripe pajama is adorable!"

Soma Cool Nights Pajamas: From $30

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Erin Busbee specializes in clothing and beauty tips for women over 40, so she appreciates that Soma keeps those women's needs in mind with their Cool Night line, which ranges from tops to pants to shorts to tanks.

"This collection is made with Soma’s exclusive 'Cool Nights' fabric to keep you cool as you sleep. These are perfect for those of us that run hot at night or who are going through menopause and suffer from hot flashes," she says. "These pajamas come in tons of colors, patterns, and styles so everyone can pick their perfect pair."

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