Getting to $1 million takes investing smarts and hard work, for sure. But there’s something else: a personality that looks for savings at every turn.

“Everyone expects wealthy people to be flashy about how they spend their money, but they aren’t,” says George Walper, president of Spectrem Group, which studies and tallies America’s millionaires. “These folks can afford to spend more than most people, and they do, but they’re not exorbitant. They are disciplined about their lifestyles.” In fact, a full 78% of millionaires cite frugality as a reason for their success.

To reach seven figures, you must find the frugality within you, or learn a few spending tricks that will help you act like a millionaire in the making. Don’t go over the top on the big stuff like your home or car—together housing and transportation eat up 50% of of the average American’s budget, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics—train yourself to spend less every time you shop, and plug the cash leaks that can drain your budget.