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Are you looking to add value to your property? Have you considered transforming your backyard into a more enjoyable outdoor space? A patio is a great way to create a peaceful and versatile area within your home. In this post, we’ll share three small backyard patio designs to increase your property value and create a tranquil outdoor oasis.

Whether you’re looking for a classic or modern design, we’ve got you covered with our ideas. If you want to make it an intimate space for entertaining guests or a relaxing spot for yourself, we’ve got plenty of options that are sure to fit your budget and style. So let’s start and look at some of the most beautiful small patio ideas.

1. Pavers

Pavers are an excellent choice for creating an outdoor patio area. Not only are they durable, but they also enhance the visual appeal and texture of the outdoor space. Homeowners can benefit from the slip-resistant surfaces of pavers, and they come in a wide range of colors and textures, allowing for stylish and functional additions to any backyard patio.

Installing pavers is a relatively straightforward process, but homeowners should consider a few factors beforehand, such as drainage and grading of the area. Before laying the pavers, decide on the color scheme and select a pattern for arranging them. When ready to install, begin digging out the designated area where the pavers will be placed. Create a base by spreading half an inch of sand, then lay the pavers on top. Fill the joints between the pavers with more sand for stability and support. Once the pavers are installed, use a hose with gentle water pressure to remove any remaining dirt or debris between them.

2. Wall planters

Wall planters are another excellent addition to backyard patios as they bring the beauty of nature into the open space, adding color and vibrancy without occupying much room or obstructing views. These planters come in various shapes and sizes, allowing homeowners to personalize their outdoor areas with plants that don't require significant ground space.

Installing wall planters is a straightforward process. They can be easily secured by screwing them into existing walls, fence posts or even directly onto the walls of a house, provided they are not made of stone or brick. Some wall planters come with hanging brackets, which simplifies installation further. For this method, you’ll only need to drill holes into the wall and use mounting screws or anchors to secure the planters in place.

3. Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting serves multiple purposes, enhancing visibility in yards while creating a captivating atmosphere that transforms an outdoor space into an inviting retreat — day or night. It can be used to accentuate decorative elements such as pathways and flower beds and provide security by incorporating motion-sensing spotlights that activate upon detecting movement.

When installing outdoor lighting fixtures in a backyard patio, homeowners must consider various factors. These include determining power sources and selecting the appropriate lighting fixtures, such as post lanterns, string lights, floodlights, spotlights or deck lights. Once these decisions are made, homeowners can proceed with mapping out the locations where each light fixture will be installed and wiring electrical power outlets. For example, you may choose to install lights along walkways or near cozy seating areas like hammocks with stands.

During installation, it's important to consider how lighting fixtures can be adjusted over time. This allows for easier adjustments as needed due to factors like shifting soils, changes in weather conditions or incorrect initial installation depths. Considering these aspects ensures that the outdoor lighting system remains functional and adaptable in the long run.


By incorporating these three small backyard patio ideas, homeowners can elevate their property value by creating a space dedicated to relaxation and entertainment. The addition of pavers, placement of wall planters and installation of outdoor lighting provide a range of choices for creating an enticing retreat right at home. With careful planning and basic knowledge, homeowners can convert their backyard into a stylish and functional area to enhance the property's worth.