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Published: Nov 28, 2022 6 min read
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Courtesy of Amazon

It's that time of year again and shoppers everywhere are gearing up for the biggest shopping event of the year: Cyber Monday. This year, we're bringing you the best deals on headphones from some of the top brands, including Beats by Dre, Sony, JBL and Samsung. You can save up to 50% off popular models, so read on to find out more and get ready to shop.

Sales That Sound Too Good to be True

Courtesy of Amazon

With up to 30 hours of battery life and dual noise-canceling sensors, these Sony overhead headphones immerse you in your music as well as any headphones can. They use Sony Music Studios Tokyo’s famous Edge-AI which enhances the digital music for pristine audio quality you can depend on. They’re particularly useful on the go, automatically adjusting in volume to meet the needs of your surroundings with the ability to detect conversations.

Their simple-to-learn touch controls let you pause your music or answer calls with ease. “They look super sleek around your neck or just when wearing,” shared one Amazon customer. “The ambient mode also works amazingly. It makes the music sound like it is coming from an overhead speaker and allows you to have complete conversations.” These versatile Sony headphones are over $120 off during Amazon’s Cyber Monday sales.

Courtesy of Amazon

Adjustable and precisely shaped, the ear hooks on these Powerbeats Pro earbuds will securely, yet comfortably fit in most ears with an ear tip corner that you can wear in multiple ways and swap around. Whether you’re walking, running, or jumping, these buds will firmly keep the music with you. They also feature uncomplicated buttons that let you adjust the music without reaching for your phone.

The most outstanding features of these earbuds are their Apple H1 headphone chip and Class 1 Bluetooth advancement. They keep the music dependably connected from almost any type of device with fewer drop-outs or lags in the audio. Additionally, the earbuds’ spatial audio gives you an immersive music experience you can only find with Beats products. You can snag these Powerbeats Pro earbuds today for $100 off on Amazon.

Courtesy of Amazon

Capable of connecting to multiple Bluetooth devices at once, these JBL headphones are great for the working professional or anyone who likes listening to quality music on the move. If you’re jamming to tunes from your personal phone but someone dials your work phone, you can easily answer the call from these headphones without having to touch either cell phone. The ear-cup microphones make it easy for the caller on the other end to understand every word you say, which can be a recurring problem with non-JBL products.

“As an eyeglass wearer, I am very sensitive to too much pressure from headphones,” added an Amazon customer. “I’ve been using these for about six months now and can say that these headphones are really really comfortable. I can wear them for hours and my head won’t be hurting or have a headache, etc. The battery life on these is really good, one charge can go for a long long time!” Get these comfortable headphones on sale for half off right now.

Courtesy of Amazon

These Samsung earbuds have both pristine sound with an AKG-tuned speaker and impeccable style with a sleek, shiny shell and various color options. They feature active noise cancellation that efficiently blocks out most outside sounds with an option to let those sounds play live in your ear when you need them. With three microphones per bud, these Samsung earbuds make noise cancellation seamless and phone calls painless for all parties.

One Amazon customer bought a pair for her teenage daughter, saying: “To my surprise, they were perfect for her; sitting nicely in her ears. Now she wears them almost all the time. Phone call audio is amazingly good, better than I expected, even when having only one side on… These are already amazing with the amount of noise cancellation you get; just turn up your music a bit and you are definitely in your own world.” Get a pair for yourself or a loved one today while they’re available for over half off.

Quality Sounds for Less This Cyber Monday

Whether you’re looking to upgrade audio for yourself or someone else, Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale is the time to strike. If you have any music lovers in your family, one of these headphones or earbuds may be their prized gift this year. With sales of more than 50% off on the leading brands in audio, you may be able to get all your holiday shopping today.