A top liberal arts college without much of an ego, Haverford enrolls a small pool of bright, quirky, socially aware students. Its motto roughly translates to "not more learning; better learning," which reflects how engaged students are expected to be with their educations.

The school offers about 30 majors and minors, as well as 10 concentrations in specialized disciplines, including scientific computing; peace, justice, and human rights; and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. It has a 9:1 student-faculty ratio, and 98% of its students live on campus. More than half the students play a varsity or club sport. For those who are not athletically inclined, the college boasts 145 clubs that cover interests from archery to Caribbean culture.

Haverford is known for its unique honor code that governs most aspects of campus life, written and overseen by the students themselves. In the spirit of egalitarianism and, perhaps, contrarianism, Haverford is completely free of Greek life. But students fill their social calendars in other ways: There are many free campus events, including concerts, improv shows, film screenings, open mic nights and dances.

The campus is only 10 miles away from Philadelphia and easily accessible by commuter rail. When students want more academic or social options than they can get from their fellow Fords, classes are available across the street at Bryn Mawr, once their sister school; at Swarthmore, which is a shuttle ride away; or at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.