John Brown University is a Christian college in northwest Arkansas. While JBU doesn’t align with a specific denomination, the university says its mission is to provide a Christ-centered education that prepares students for an intellectual and spiritual life.

There are more than 50 majors offered, with popular programs in business, psychology, family and community services, and graphic design. The university also recently launched degrees in game design and robotics and mechatronics engineering. Plus, it is fielding a new varsity esports team — the university’s 12th intercollegiate team — that plans to compete in games like chess, Rocket League and Super Smash Bros.

In addition to its home state of Arkansas, the university enrolls a significant number of students from Texas and Oklahoma. Accepted students must pledge to abide by the school’s lifestyle expectations and abstain from profanity, gambling, and alcohol and tobacco use.

In Money’s analysis, university scores well on affordability, thanks in large part to its price. Most students receive a scholarship from the university, and Money estimates the average net price of a degree (before federal or state aid) at JBU is about $90,000, something fewer than 15% rated colleges can claim.