Students at the University of Texas at Austin live every day like it's game day. The rivalries between the Longhorns and their neighboring Texas schools — not to mention the University of Oklahoma — are fierce, and students develop a healthy sense of community and pride in their school, as well as the charming city of Austin.

UT-Austin students approach academics with equal zeal. There are quite a few strong programs available at the sprawling university, with business, biology, economics and public relations among the most popular. Over the past decade, the university has focused on helping more Longhorns graduate on time, with student success initiatives including more academic advising and a graduation help desk to keep students on track.

It may be easy to feel like a small calf in a giant corral at UT, but students find their niche by joining some of the more than 1,000 organizations on campus. Plus, attending UT gains students entry into an alumni community that numbers more than 480,000.

Students can spend their free time off campus hanging out on The Drag, where several restaurants and coffee shops are located, or head to one of many concerts in the city often called the "live music capital of the world."