Known for its undergraduate research opportunities, writing program, and cross-campus collection of more than 42,000 plants and trees in thematic collections, MU prides itself on giving students real-world opportunities.

Hospitality students immerse themselves in the operations of local hotels, while floral design students help run a flower shop in town. Students also help prepare family income taxes, represent domestic violence victims in court, provide healthcare, run the country’s only university-owned television network affiliate, perform at national venues and coauthor scientific journal articles.

Mizzou students also hold patents and start businesses, and 20% of each class finds time to study abroad. Student athletes play 25 different sports in the NCAA Division I Southeastern Conference. The university also has 58 fraternities and sororities — about a quarter of students pledge — and 500-plus student organizations. Truman the Tiger, the school mascot, is named for President Harry Truman, a Missouri native.